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Pronto, Elevate Gourmet Brands’ community-driven grab n’ go marketplace, is thrilled to announce the arrival of Daybreak Vietnamese Coffee at their SFO locations. Daybreak joins the ranks of featured local purveyors like Green Beans Coffee, expanding Pronto’s offerings to include an exciting new coffee experience for travelers.

Daybreak, launched in 2022, embodies the essence of traditional Vietnamese coffee with its bold flavor and signature sweetness. The company is a labor of love between Michelle Tu and Stanislav Kroll, two lifelong friends from San Mateo, CA. Disappointed by the canned and bottled Vietnamese coffee options they were finding on the market, they took it upon themselves to create the solution.

“Our journey with Daybreak started with a love for the rich, bold flavors of Vietnamese coffee and a desire to bring that authentic experience to coffee enthusiasts everywhere,” Michelle said. “Many coffees are moving toward ‘third-wave’ trends, emphasizing lighter roasts and single-origin beans, and we actually wanted to go traditional, with flavors that brought you back to Vietnam.”

After an extensive search, they eventually connected with a small family farm in Dalat, Vietnam to source their beans, which are then roasted with butter over an open wood-fire, following the traditional cultural method that infuses the coffee with its distinct aroma and flavor profile.

Of course, no true Vietnamese coffee would be complete without its signature sweetness as well, achieved by Daybreak with organic sweetened condensed milk sourced from local brand California Farms. This combination creates a harmonious balance of strong, rich coffee flavor with the creamy sweetness of condensed milk, perfect for indulging in a traditional, authentic Vietnamese coffee experience.

Sharing that experience has been one of the biggest joys and surprises of creating the company, according to Michelle and Stanislav. “A lot of times at farmers markets, people haven’t even heard of Vietnamese coffee,” Michelle said. “I then get the opportunity to educate them about Vietnam, its French colonial history, and how the country developed its own unique coffee culture.”

“We take for granted that we have so much variety in the Bay Area,” Stanislav added. “We want to offer that experience to people around the country!”

Pronto partners with purveyors from the San Francisco Bay Area’s many distinct neighborhoods to offer a curated menu of specialty local provisions, and is proud to offer Daybreak Vietnamese Coffee to SFO travelers and add their unique provisions to its two Terminal 3 stores. Another Pronto location, in SFO’s Terminal 1, is planned to open in summer 2024.

To learn more about Daybreak and to order bags of their coffee online, please visit their website

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